Executive Protection
W.W.P. meets this challenge by providing our corporate and private clients with a full range of discreet, personal and professional executive protection services. Our Executive Protection agents have extensive experience and we maintain global network locations that enable us to provide protective services throughout the world. W.W.P. works with each client to coordinate and develop a customized security plan for domestic and international visits and for corporate and special event security.
Travel Security
As the global marketplace shrinks and companies expand globally it is essential for every organization to keep their “finger on the pulse” of potential threats, enabling them to survive and thrive amidst global threats to their people, facilities, and supply chain assets. W.W.P offers a suite of business resiliency and risk management solutions to counter the threats organizations face in their daily operations.

Through its partnership with iJET, W.W.P provides our client’s access to the patented Worldcue Global Control Center (GCC). This secure, web-based software application reduces our clients overall risks and costs by automating and centralizing the tools, information, and processes required for effective business resiliency. Worldcue’s driven by a highly-experienced team of world-class intelligence analysts who provided up to the minute information on potential disruptions and emerging threats in hundreds of countries around the world.
Security Consulting
W.W.P Security consulting knowledge base comes from the best resource possible: real-world experience. Our broad range of local, regional and international clients provide W.W.P with exposure to industry “best practices” that are in use today and in development for tomorrow.
W.W.P complete line of consulting services include on site security surveys, internal and external theft-prevention programs, threat analysis/executive protection, protection of proprietary property, electronic eavesdropping countermeasures, policy and procedure recommendations, risk assessment and management, business recovery, computer and systems security, Health & Safety compliance, and emergency response plans.
W.W.P has often set the standard for government as well as the private sector in forecasting and planning for risk and recovery management in diverse venues around the worldwide.
Regardless of whether you are motivated to conduct a security consult in the wake of a specific loss or as part of a good management strategy to prevent and manage risk and maintain a competitive edge, W.W.P can bring the perspective and depth of experience to almost any industry or enterprise to make it more secure, efficient and productive.
Crisis Management
Prior planning for business discontinuity is a must to ensure that companies successfully navigate turbulent events, natural or man-made. For this reason, W.W.P Crisis Management services focus heavily on developing strategies to minimize the negative impact of future events. This planning can save millions of dollars in business interruption and asset loss.
Since no level of planning can prevent all crises from taking place, W.W.P also supports its clients with a full range of rapid response services to protect their people and assets. W.W.P Special Response Teams can include a diverse group of professionals including experienced team leaders, physical security specialists, executive protection agents, armed or unarmed guards*, drivers, and communication experts. In most instances, these teams can be deployed within hours to begin work on the ground to protect and restore operations. Crisis Management services provided by W.W.P

No company/project is invulnerable to disaster. However, W.W.P takes great pride in ensuring that our clients can recover quickly from any unpreventable events, and can prevent foreseeable incidents through careful planning and preparation.